Telaway Prepaid USA SIM card
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Prepaid SIM card with unlimited USA and UK calling, follow-me number and unlimited data plan.

Online, all the time, with Telaway

Unlimited Data in the USA

Stop counting megabytes!
Make reservations, get directions, upload photos to Instagram or update your Facebook status and more.

Telaway offers unlimited data for your iPhone, Android or other smartphone in the United States.

  • No need to search for free hotspots in cafes and restaurants
  • Use all your apps, especially those useful ones you downloaded for your trip!
  • Enjoy your smartphone just like at home, anywhere, anytime!
  • Emails, surfing, and of course - sharing every moment!

Why not use a roaming plan from home? Many local Australian mobile phone companies offer decent roaming rates for travelers, but they don’t show you how quickly outrageous data roaming fees can add up.That's why Telaway offers UNLIMITED data - because you deserve to enjoy your smartphone on your trip.
Telaway's unlimited plan includes up to 4GB 10GB of 4G super-fast service. After 4GB 10GB speeds may slow to 2G/EDGE but your data never runs out and you will never pay overage fees.

Don’t pay inflated data roaming rates. Don't let a bill for hundreds of pounds surprise you when you get home.

Enjoy your trip and save with Telaway!

The best TRAVEL SOLUTION for the USA. No roaming. No surprises.

Unlimited services make our prepaid SIM cards invaluable for your trip.

Choose the SIM card with the most value for your money.
Choose Telaway.

As little as $3.33 per day. Satisfaction guaranteed.


Planning a trip to the USA? Say no to roaming! Telaway prepaid USA SIM cards have helped thousands of Australian travellers get unlimited calling, data and more on their American trip.
Telaway - helping travellers since 1999. Let us know how we can help you.


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