Telaway Prepaid USA SIM card
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Prepaid SIM card with unlimited USA and UK calling, follow-me number and unlimited data plan.


What do I get with my TELAWAY SIM CARD? What service do you use?

- Unlimited calls within the USA (incoming and outgoing!)
- Unlimited SMS in the USA
- Unlimited calling to landlines in Australia
- NEW! FREE BONUS - over one hour of free calling to Australian mobiles too!! You asked and we listened!
- Unlimited SMS to and from mobiles in Australia
- Unlimited data (up to 3 GB at 4G speeds)!
- Your choice of SIM card sizes: regular, micro and nano.

Telaway uses a T-Mobile network backbone throughout the continental United States for dependable, consistent coverage. See a coverage map here.

What is not included?

- A phone! The Telaway SIM card is meant to be used with a smartphone that you already own! We do not provide phone rentals.
- BlackBerry data services (BBM, etc): Currently unavailable.
- Calls to Australian mobiles: Since these are not included in the basic plan, you will be unable to call Australia mobiles. NEW! FREE BONUS - over one hour of free minutes to Australian mobiles too!! You asked and we listened!

What is a SIM Card?

A SIM card is the chip inside your mobile device that tells it which network to use. At home in Australia, your mobile probably has a Optus or Vodafone or other SIM card.
The great thing is, when you fly to the USA, you can use your phone from home with an American SIM card! That's the Telaway product, an American SIM card with value-added services for our Australian customers.

Is my mobile phone unlocked?

A locked phone's software only allows you to use the original SIM card you got from your original company. Important! If your cell phone is locked you won't be able to use a Telaway SIM or any foreign SIM until you've had it unlocked.
Is my phone unlocked?:
- When you bought your smartphone, if it was sold as 'factory unlocked' or 'SIM free', you should be fine!
- Locked phones can be unlocked by your mobile provider (often without you coming into their store), or by a third-party company.
How can I test it to be sure?
The easiest way to check is to swap your own SIM with a friend's SIM (assuming your friend has a different carrier's chip). If the device turns on and works (i.e. can make calls) you are good to go!

Does the SIM card work in Canada or Mexico?

Not at this time, no. Right now Telaway SIMs are just for the United States.

How does billing work?

Telaway offers you the choice of credit card or PayPal. When you order just indicate your preference.
Because Telaway is a prepaid service, there will be no overage fees to worry about appearing on your statement!

I'm having so much fun in America, I want to extend my service! Can I?

You'll need to contact us directly about your case. We should be able to find a solution for you (and we're thrilled you're having a great trip!).

Why was I sent two phone numbers?

Telaway makes it EASY for anyone to reach you!
Your local USA number is for anyone in the US or anywhere in the world to reach you. Remember, incoming calls are free!
Your virtual Australian (follow-me) number is so you don't miss a call from back home in Australia! You can forward your home mobile to your virtual number (see below), or just give the number out to the people you need to keep in touch with.

How do I get all my calls from home while I'm in the US?

It's easy! Just activate the 'Follow Me' feature on your Australian mobile phone line, and have the calls diverted to your Telaway virtual number. All your voice calls will be sent to you in the USA!
Please note that SMS is not supported through the virtual number.